Monday, December 9, 2013

TPD Officer saves the life of roaming pit bull on MBTA CR tracks

Rudolph the pit bull terrier has been reunited with his family. His true name is Bear. Great job Officer Murawski-Dupont.

On December 9, 2013 at approximately 10:00 am MBTA Transit Police Officer Murawski-Dupont, assigned to Area 3, was approached at the Savin Hill MBTA station by a concerned citizen who informed the officer there was a pit bull roaming the commuter rail tracks between Savin Hill and JFK-UMass stations. Officer Murawski-Dupont immediately proceeded to the right of way and bicycled the entire distance locating a pit bull terrier just outside of JFK-UMass station walking on the commuter rail right of way. MBTA operations halted all service while Officer Murawski-Dupont was able to coax the dog (who we have dubbed "Rudolph"- yes after Santa's #1 helper) to safety. Rudolph had a very friendly disposition and made fast friends with Officer Murawski-Dupont, whose actions probably saved his life. Animal Rescue League of Boston responded to the scene and took custody of "Rudolph".  If "Rudolph" looks familiar to you please call the Transit Police Special Crimes Unit at 617-222-1170 or text us (anonymously) any information you have to 873873, or call the Animal Rescue League of Boston directly at 617-426-9170.
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