Thursday, August 30, 2012

Man sexually assaults woman on bus/Arrested

Transit Police/Bobby Deleveaux
On August 29th, 2012 at approximately 7:40PM Transit Police officers assigned to Area 2 were dispatched to Broadway Street in Chelsea, MA for an Indecent Assault and Battery that occurred on a MBTA bus. Chelsea Police also assisted, after officers on scene interviewed the female victim,  Bobby Deleveaux, 24, of Lynn, MA. was taken into custody for Indecent Assault &Battery. Deleveaux was transported to TPD HQ for processing and will be arraigned sometime today in Chelsea District Court. Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan stated " First, I applaud the courage of the victim to come forward and report this incident. We believe these types of crimes are under reported. These incidents will not be tolerated and the Transit Police will investigate all reports and we will be unrelenting in our pursuit to bring these offenders into the court system. We encourage anyone who has been a victim to please report it to us ". 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recap:5 Suspects arrested & charged in DTC attack

 On the evening of August 29th, 2012 Transit Police detectives apprehended the last remaining suspect in connection to a vicious attack of a 40 year old male that occurred at MBTA DTC station just past midnight on the 27th. Ivan Bacai was placed into custody at approximately 8:20PM at his residence on Elwell Street in Malden, MA. and transported to TPD HQ for processing. Bacai will be arraigned sometime on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 in Boston Municipal Court for Assault & Battery w/a Dangerous Weapon. Transit Police Superintendent-in-Chief Joseph O'Connor praised the "thorough. expeditious and professional manner in which investigators brought this case to completion".

Ivan Bacai
Transit Police/Karen Akiba
Transit Police/Maryanne Hamilton
Transit Police/Germial Johnson
Transit Police/Bryon Lashus

Another DTC Suspect in Custody

Transit Police/Germail Johnson
Late this afternoon Germial Johnson, 28, of Dorchester, MA., surrendered to Transit Police detectives in Dorchester. Johnson was wanted in connection to the vicious beating that occurred at Downtown Crossing MBTA station after midnight on August 27th, 2012. Johnson will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court for Assault &Battery w/Dangerous Weapon on Thursday, August 30th, 2012. Transit Police detectives continue to investigate the incident. Anyone who may have witnessed the assault is encouraged to contact the TPD Criminal Investigations Unit @617-222-1050 or the Intelligence Unit @617-222-1170


Warrant issued for Suspect in DTC Assault

Ivan Bacai
On August 27th, 2012 a male victim was viciously assaulted by multiple individuals at Downtown Crossing MBTA station, a subsequent investigation by Transit Police detectives resulted in the apprehension of three suspects responsible for the attack. Today Transit Police detectives identified a fourth suspect, Ivan Bacai, 23 of Malden, MA. and secured a warrant for his arrest in Boston Municipal Court. If you know the whereabouts of Bacai please call the TPD at 617-222-1212. You can also help anonymously via MBTASeeSay or simply by texting to 873873.


Arrest made in the Murder of Rashad Lesley-Barnes

Today, Boston Police announced the arrest of the suspect wanted for the murder of Rashad Lesley-Barnes. Two weeks ago today Boston and Transit Police officers responded to the area of 65 Warren Street, Roxbury for a report of a person stabbed. Upon arrival officers located a male suffering from what appeared to be multiple stab wounds. The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased. The victim has since been identified as Rashad Lesley-Barnes, 24 of Dorchester.

This morning, Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Boston Police arrested and charged Jahvon Goodwin, 21, of Boston, MA. with the Murder of Lesley-Barnes. Goodwin is expected to be arraigned today in Roxbury District Court.

Special thanks to all involved who worked diligently to bring this case to a close.


Man Threatens to stab victims with Hypo-needle

Transit Police/Jose Soler
On August 28, 2012 at approximately 1:25pm Officers assigned to Area 4 were patrolling the Forest Hills MBTA station when they were approached by two male victims. The victims informed the officers they met a man, later identified as Jose Soler 47, from Hyde Park, MA., at Forest Hills station. The victims, both under 21 years of age, offered Soler money to purchase alcohol for them. Soler agreed and took 25 dollars from the victims, with the understanding he would purchase 20 dollars worth of alcohol and keep a 5 dollar fee for doing so. Soler entered the Forest Hills Liquor Market across the street from the station and returned empty handed. The victims demanded their money back, Soler refused and returned only 3 dollars. An argument ensued where upon Soler retreived a hypodermic needle from his shorts, removed the cap and stuck the needle into his arm withdrawing blood. Soler then threatened the victims by brandishing the needle in their direction and indicated he was infected with the AIDS virus. Officers located Soler inside the station and placed him into custody for Assault with a Dangerous weapon and transported him to TPD HQ for processing. Soler will be arraigned sometime today in West Roxbury District Court.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update on DTC Arrest/ 3rd Suspect in custody

Transit Police/Maryanne Hamilton
On August 28, 2012 Transit Police detectives placed Maryanne Hamilton, 29 of Jamaica Plain, MA. into custody for Assault & Battery on a Disabled person and Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. Hamilton was observed by Transit Police detectives in the hallway at Boston Municipal Court after her two co-defendants, Bryon Lashus and Karen Akiba, were arraigned for the assault which occurred at Downtown Crossing MBTA station after midnight on 08/27/2012.  Hamilton will be arraigned tomorrow in Boston Municipal Court. Transit Police detectives continue to investigate.


Downtown Crossing arrests

Transit Police/Karen Akiba
Transit Police/Bryon Lashus
On August 27th, 2012 at approximately 12:37am Transit Police officers assigned to Area 1 were dispatched to Downtown Crossing MBTA, Orange Line southbound platform, for a report of a male being assaulted by multiple indivduals. Upon arrival officers located a 40 year old male victim who had obvious injuries, lacerations and swelling to his facial and torso areas. Boston Emergency Medical Services was immediately requested to respond to assess victim's condition. Victim stated to officers while he was waiting for a train on the platform he had a verbal dispute with a woman, who was in the company of several other males. Victim was then set upon and physically attacked by the males. Victim was repeatedly punched and kicked about his body. The assailants were able to flee prior to police arrival. The incident was assigned to the Transit Police Criminal Investigations Unit, a subsequent investigation led to the quick apprehension of two individuals who took part in the assault. Karen Akiba, 22 of Cambridge, MA. and Bryon Lashus, 32 of Watertown, MA were arrested by Transit Police detectives for Assault & Battery w/Dangerous Weapon and Assault & Battery on Disabled Person. Akiba and Lashus will be arraigned today in Boston Municipal Court. Victim was brought to an area hospital for treatment. Transit Police Superintendent-in Chief Joseph O'Connor stated " there is no logical reason why the victim in this case was assaulted. The quick apprehension of the suspects is another example of the excellent work of our detectives".
 The investigation is ongoing.


Monday, August 27, 2012

TPD Wanted Persons 08/2012

Below is a selected list of significant wanted persons by the Transit Police Department. You, our MBTA community, can help fight crime 100% anonymously. If you know anything about the whereabouts of any of these individuals please use our MBTASeeSay apps for iPhone and Android users (there is an anonymous feature) or text your tip to 873873. The Transit Police Department is NOT concerned with your identity only your information. Your tip is 100% anonymous. SeeSay and Texts are monitored and answered by Transit Police officers, you do not have to provide your identity to give information about the whereabouts of those listed below or report a crime on the MBTA. ***PLEASE NOTE: This information was generated and verified on August 28th, 2012. Law Enforcement officers please confirm prior to any law enforcement action.

SWP Public      

Fare Evasion stop leads to Arrest for Failure to Register

On August 19th, 2012 at approximately 1130am Transit Police officers assigned to Area 3 were conducting fare evasion enforcement at Andrew Sq. MBTA station. While there they stopped James Hagan 27, of Randolph, MA. for fare evasion. Hagan walked in behind a paying customer "piggbacked". While officers were issuing a citation for fare evasion a further inquiry revealed Hagan had several warrants in existence for his arrest. Hagan's warrants were for Attempt to Commit a Crime issued from Chelsea District Court, Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Using a Motor Vehicle Wihtout Authority and Leaving the Scene of Property Damage issued from Quincy District Court. Additionally, it was discovered Hagan was an Unregistered Sex Offender in violation of Massachusetts General Law. Hagan was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for processing. Hagan was also issued a fifty dollar citation for fare evasion. tpdnews
Transit Police/James Hagan

Friday, August 24, 2012

MBTA bus operator assaulted

On August 23rd, 2012 at approximately 6:45PM Transit and Lynn Police were called to Market Street, Central Sq. Lynn MA. for a report of a MBTA bus operator being physically assaulted. Upon arrival Lynn Police officers located the victim/MBTA bus operator,  who was bleeding from his mouth and nose area.  The victim reported, earlier that same evening approximately 20 minutes prior, as he was pulling away from a bus stop at Wonderland MBTA station in Revere, MA  a male, later identified as Paul Kouroyen , 33 of Everett, MA., was chasing the bus and began to pound on the driver’s side window demanding to be let on. The bus operator did not stop for Kouroyen and continued on his route.  Approximately 20 minutes later as the bus stopped in Central Sq. Lynn, Kouroyen was also there. Kouroyen entered the bus and confronted the operator in regards to not stopping for him. Subsequently Kouroyen spit in the MBTA bus operator’s face and then punched him several times about the face and also kicked him in the shin area.

Based on a description of Kouroyen provided to the Lynn Police officers on scene an area search was conducted and Kouroyen was located a short distance away where he was positively identified as the assailant.  Kouroyen was placed into custody for Assault and Battery by means of Dangerous Weapon (shod foot) and Assault and Battery by the Lynn Police. He was subsequently turned over to the Transit Police for processing. Kouroyen will be arraigned sometime today in Lynn District Court.

The victim was treated and released from Union Hospital in Lynn for injuries sustained during the attack.

Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan stated, “ No MBTA employee deserves to be spat upon and physically assaulted in the performance of their duty. We take assaults on employees very seriously, it is always concerning to me when these incidents occur.  I’m thankful to the  Lynn Police for their prompt response to this incident and working co-operatively with the Transit Police”.



Paul Kouroyen/Transit Police

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trespasser arrested, delayed commute for hundreds

On August 22,2012  at approximately 4PM Transit Police officers assigned to Area 1 received a radio call for male party laying on the tracks between Back Bay Commuter Rail Station and South Station. Transit Police had to suspend service for both south bound and west bound trains while they searched the area. At approximately 4:25PM officers located Edward Leahy, 53 of Boston, MA. approximately 100 yards north of the Track 1 platform at Back Bay Station sleeping next to the track. Leahy did not offer an explanation as to why he choose such a dangerous area to sleep and denied wanting to hurt himself. Unfortunately hundreds of MBTA commuters as well as Amtrak passengers were delayed for about a half hour during rush hour while Transit Police searched the area. The location were Leahy was trespassing is clearly marked with "No Trespassing" and "Danger High Voltage" signage. Leahy was placed into custody for Trespassing and transported to TPD HQ for the booking process. Leahy will be arraigned sometime today in Boston Municipal Court.

Edward Leahy/Transit Police

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Contacting the Transit Police

The MBTA Transit Police takes great pride in maintaining a safe transportation system for all to enjoy and benefit from. We are committed to the values and principals of Community Policing and hold in the highest regard our partnership with you, our MBTA community.

If you have any information regarding criminal activity, past or present, ocurring on the MBTA or know the identity of someone depicted in a Wanted Poster we issued please contact us. You can get involved and possibly help solve a crime without having to give your name or ever speaking to someone. If you have not done so already please download SeeSay application for both iPhone and Android users it has an anonymous feature for you to commuincate with us. Additionally, you can simply text your tip to 873873 and your number will not appear, it's completely anonymous.


Alert TPD officers arrest man wanted for Attempt to Murder

On August 21st, 2012 at approximately 6pm Transit Police officers assigned to Area 1 were at Park St and Downtown Crossing MBTA stations conducting fare evasion enforcement. While there an alert officer observed an individual, later identified as Terrance Cannon, 32 of Boston, MA., walking down the Tremont Street underpass to DTC. The officer recognized Cannon from a Wanted Poster issued on the 17th of August by the Brookline Police Department for Armed Assault with Intent to Murder.

Officers approached Cannon who was holding an open pint sized container of alcohol and explained their reason for speaking with him. Cannon furnished a false name, date of birth and social security number to the officers and exhibited signs of great nervousness. Eventually officers were able to confirm Cannon's true identity which revealed Cannon had 3 Warrants in existence for his arrest: Armed Assault w/Intent to Murder, Unarmed Robbery and for driving an automobile without being licensed. Additionally, Cannon was in possession of Cocaine at the time Transit Police took him into custody. Cannon was transported to TPD HQ for the booking process. He will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court for the cocaine possession charge sometime today and transfered over to Brookline District Court on the Armed Assault with Intent to Murder charge.

Transit Police/Terrance Cannon

Monday, August 20, 2012

Armed Robbery Mattapan Station

On Sunday, August 12, 2012 at approximately 9:00 AM a 17 year old male was the victim of an armed robbery by means of a handgun at Mattapan MBTA station.  The victim reported; a black male suspect relieved him of his cellular telephone and then pointed to his waist and threatened to shoot him if he contacted police.  The victim reported observing the outline of a gun in the suspect’s sweatshirt pocket. 

The suspect is described as:  A black male, mid 20’s, medium build, dark skin complexion, approximately 5’10” in height, wearing a black baseball cap with a white  letter “B”,  a black hooded sweatshirt with a large orange square in the front and baggy  light blue jeans.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspect depicted below is asked to contact the Transit Police at 617-222-1212 or the Intelligence Unit at 617-222-1170. You may also provide information completely anonymously via SeeSay app for both Apple and Android users or Text your tip (anonymously) to 873873.  


Transit Police
Transit Police

Transit Police

Friday, August 17, 2012

Do you know this person

On Wednesday August 15th, 2012 at approximately 2:37 pm Transit and Boston Police officers responded to the area of 65 Warren Street, Roxbury for a report of a person stabbed. Upon arrival officers located a male suffering from what appeared to be multiple stab wounds. The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased. The victim has since been identified as Rashad Lesley-Barnes, 24 of Dorchester.

Please review the following photographs of a person of interest who may have information regarding the fatal stabbing. If you know or have any information of this person's identity please call the Boston Police Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470 or 1-800-494-TIPS.


Transit Police/bus video

Transit Police/bus video
Transit Police/bus video

TPD Officers arrest man w/Assault w/Intent to Murder warrant

Ronaldo Taylor/Transit Police
On August 16th, 2012 at approximately 9:30PM Transit Police officers assigned to Area 4 were at Forest Hills MBTA station on patrol when they observed a man, later identified as Ronaldo Taylor 39 of Roxbury, MA. Taylor was seated on a wall behind the bus inspector's booth in the busway and enjoying a smoke and a forty ounce container of beer. Officers approached Taylor to educate him in regards to smoking and drinking alcohol on MBTA property. Taylor furnished a false name and date of birth to mislead the officers from ascertaining his true identity. However the officers dilegence paid off and they were able to discover Taylor's true name.  Taylor was a wanted man, he had an active warrant for his arrest for Assault with Intent to Murder and Aggravated Assault and Battery. The warrant was issued by Chelsea District Court, Taylor was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for the booking process and issued a Smoking citation in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 272/S43A.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Identification Wanted

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, at 5:20 pm, the subject depicted above stole a bicycle from the bike cage at Forest Hills MBTA Station.  The subject arrived at Forest Hills Station via a MBTA Rte 51 bus shortly before the incident and proceeded directly to the bike cage, where a bicycle valued at $ 950.00 was stolen. The subject then left the area via Washington St. toward South St.

The subject is described as: a white or white Hispanic male, 20-25 years of age with dark hair and a close cropped beard. Approximately 5’10” in height, 180 lbs, wearing a white V neck t-shirt, orange pants, tan work boots and carrying a dark colored back pack with gray panels on the back.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this subject is asked to please call the Transit Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 617- 222-1050, or the Intelligence Unit at 617-222-1070.

Select Transit Police 24 hr activity 08/14/2012

Taurek Dugha/Transit Police
On August 14th, 2012 members of TPD's Internal Task Force were back at Quincy Center MBTA station to address drug activity. While there they did observe Taurek Dugha 31 of Quincy, MA., who was seated on the bench in the busway, remove a glassine baggie containing Marijuana from his front pocket and proceed to roll a Marijuana cigarette. Upon completion Dugha then handed that marijuana cigarette off to another individual. Officers approached Dugha displayed their badges, identified themselves as Transit Police officers and placed him into custody for Distribution of a Controlled Substance/ Class D. Dugha was also in possession of three additional individually wrapped baggies of marijuana. Dugha will be arraigned in Quincy District Court today.  The recipient of the marijuana, Nicholas Cunha 33 of Chralestown, MA. will receive a civil citation for possession of marijuana.  Lieutenant Detective Richard Sullivan, supervisor of the Task Force, stated  "We will continue to utilize various law enforcement strategies to include additional  undercover operations at locations where individuals brazenly attempt to sell, buy and use illicit narcotics. These activities harm the quality of life for MBTA patrons and employees . The individuals arrested last Friday and yesterday at Quincy Center will hopefully get that message and the word will spread. Selling and using drugs on MBTA property will not be tolerated".

Thomas Moore/Transit Police
On August 15th, 2012 at approximately 0230 Transit Police officers assigned to Area 1 were flagged down on Tremont Street in Boston next to Park Street Station. The officers were informed by MBTA employees that a male, later identified as Thomas Moore 33 of Arlington,MA. had just kicked and punched the doors of the head house at Park St. MBTA causing the window pane to break. The value of the window pane is estimated to be between 500 and 1,000 dollars.  The T employees furnished the officers with a description and location of Moore, who at this time was seated in the back of a taxi cab approximately 100 yards beyond Park Street station. Officers quickly approached and removed Moore from the taxi, Moore stated to the officers he was "sorry" but would not elaborate as to what he was apologizing for. Moore was placed into custody for Malicious Destruction of Property and will be arrainged in Boston Municipal Court sometime today.  

Jalisa Nelson/Transit Police
On August 14th, 2012 Transit Police officers assigned to Area 1 were at Downtown Crossing MBTA station conducting fare evasion enforcement. While there they did observe a female, later identified as Jalisa Nelson, fare evade by "piggybacking" in behind a paying customer. Nelson was stopped so officers could issue a citation for fare evasion. During this time it was discovered a warrant issued from Dorchester District Court was in existence for Nelson's arrest. Nelson was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ and issued a 50 dollar citation for fare evasion.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Man on Pre-Release punches out MBTA bus window

On August 12th, 2012 Transit Police officers assigned to Area 4 received a radio call for a man who had just "punched out" a window to an MBTA bus which was parked in the upper busway of Forest Hills station. Officers quickly located the subject and identified him as Cornell Robbins 36 of Springfield, MA. Witnessess present stated Robbins was behaving oddly and rubbing the front of his pants along the bus in a "sexual manner" and making inappropriate comments. Then sunddenly without provocation Robbins began punching the windows to the door of the bus causing two of the four panes to break. Officers placed Robbins into custody for Malicious Destruction of Property. During the booking process at TPD HQ it was discovered Robbins is currently an inmate of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and a participant of the Boston Pre-Release Center.

Massachusetts DOC responded to TPD HQ and took custody of Robbins.

Cornell Robbins/Transit Police

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Man sells undercover Transit Police detective drugs

On August 10th, 2012 members of the Transit Police Department's Internal Task Force were at Quincy Center MBTA station to address drug activity. While there a Transit Police detective, operating in an undercover capacity, had conversation with two men, later identified as Steven Burke 24 of Quincy and Michael Brennan 25 of Weymouth. Both men agreed to sell the detective "Suboxones" a Class B Controlled Substance as defined by MGL CH94C S32A. Upon completion of the transaction members of the Internal Task Force discreetly moved in and placed Brennan into custody for Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Possession w/Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance to wit Class B. Burke was placed into custody for Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws. In addition to the Suboxones Brennan sold to the undercover he was also in possession of over 40 additional Suboxones pills. Both men will arraigned in Quincy District Court on Monday August 13, 2012.

Michael Brennan/Transit Police
Steven Burke/Transit Police

Friday, August 10, 2012

Assessment Team invites public's comments

 (Boston, MA) A team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA®) will arrive on Monday, August 20, 2012, to examine all aspects of the MBTA Transit Police Academy’s policy and procedures, management, operations, and support services. The MBTA Transit Police Academy is striving to be the first accredited academy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“Verification by the team that the MBTA Transit Police Academy meets the Commission’s state-of-the-art standards is part of a voluntary process to gain accreditation – a highly prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence”, Chief Paul MacMillan stated.

As part of the on-site assessment, academy personnel and members of the community are invited to offer comments to the assessment team by telephone by calling 617 222-1154 on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00pm. Telephone comments are limited to 10 minutes and must address the agency’s ability to comply with CALEA standards. A copy of the standards is available by contacting Officer Roberta Spinosa at 617-222-1014, at MBTA Transit Police Headquarters at 240 Southampton Street, Boston, MA 02118.

“Compliance with the Accreditation Standards is an indication that the MBTA Transit Police Academy meets professionally recognized criteria for excellence in management and service delivery.” Chief MacMillan added.

The assessment team is composed of public safety practitioners from out-of-state agencies. The assessors will review written materials, interview individuals, and visit offices and locations where compliance can be witnessed.

The assessors are retired Captain John “Russ” McElwee, who is from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, North Carolina and Captain Carl Schinner from the Greenbelt Police Department, in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Once the CALEA assessors complete their review of the agency, they report back to the full Commission, which will then decide if the agency is to be granted accredited status.

For more information regarding the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., please write the Commission at 13575 Heathcote Boulevard, Suite 320, Gainsville, Virginia, 20155; or call (800) 368-3757 or (703) 352-4225 or  


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fare Evasion Update August 2012

The MBTA Transit Police encourages and always welcomes feedback from the MBTA community. Oftentimes we hear concerns of fare evaders who brazenly walk in behind a paying customer without paying their fare. This tactic is known as “piggybacking”.  To address these concerns from our MBTA community, Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan instituted a concentrated crackdown on fare evasion naming the initiative “Operation Fare Game”.  This operation commenced the week of July 9th.

The fines for fare evasion have been increased from 15 dollars to 50 dollars for a first offence, 100 dollars for a second offence and 300 dollars for a third and subsequent offence. Additionally one must respond within 30 days, failure to request an appeal or pay the fine within that time period will result in the non-renewal of their Massachusetts Driver’s License.

During “Operation Fare Game” Transit Police officers have issued 636 fare evasion citations, TPD Chief MacMillan stated “ Through our selective fare enforcement efforts, we are trying to gain compliance in paying one’s fare to utilize the MBTA.  We also feel this is also an attempt at fairness. (No pun intended). Our honest fare paying customers should expect that we will enforce the law, in fact, many have applauded our efforts.”.   Chief MacMillan further added “ we are grateful the Massachusetts legislature included the new fine structure into the Transportation bill allowing us a more meaningful tool to address the issue of fare evasion”.   

The TPD will continue to enforce fare evasion violations throughout the system in the coming months. As always, while riding the MBTA if you See Something Say Something. Call 617-222-1212 for emergencies or use our See Say apps for IPhone and Android users.