Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fare evader arrested for possessing Dangerous Weapon

On February 26, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am plainclothes Transit Police officers assigned to Area 2 were conducting fave evasion enforcement at Central Sq. MBTA station. While there their attention was drawn to a male, later identified as Ahmed Abdisalan, 24 of Boston, who proceeded through the fare gates without paying his fare. Abdisalan then immediately boarded a waiting train that had its doors open. Officers boarded the train and asked Abdisalan to exit so they could issue him a fare evasion citation. Once off the train Abdisalan was asked to produce identification, it was at this time Abdisalan became uncooperative and placed his right hand into his pants pocket. Officers requested Abdisalan remove his hand from his pocket and furnish his identification. Abdisalan refused, officers fearing Abdisalan may be armed with a weapon restrained his arms and attempted to remove his hand from his pocket. Abdisalan violently resisted their efforts, ultimately officers were able to gain control of Abdisalan and remove his hand from his pocket. Inside that same pocket officers discovered two double edged knives. Possessing a double edged knife is a criminal violation under Massachusetts general law Chapter 269 Section 10. Abdisalan was placed into custody for possessing a dangerous weapon and issued a citation for fare evasion. He was transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process and is expected to be arraigned today in Cambridge District Court.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reminder: Electronic device safety awareness

From January 1, 2013 through February 26, 2013 there have been 43 robberies on the MBTA system. Of that 36 or 84% have involved the targeted theft of electronic devices, most notably smart phones such as the Apple iPhone.
 Unfortunately, thefts of smart phones/electronic devices (most notably Apple products) is a nationwide trend. This trend often referred to as "Apple Picking" is for the most part a crime of opportunity. However there are things you can do to minimize the chances of being victimized while traveling on the T.

  • If possible avoid using your phone while on the MBTA except in cases of emergency/reporting via SeeSay or 911
  • Conceal expensive electronic equipment
  • Change the color of the ear buds, would be thieves look for the distinctive white ear plugs of Apple
  • Refrain from listening to music or wearing headphones while riding the system
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times especially if you are using your electronic device
  • Be aware that most robberies of electronic devices occur near the train doors
  • Be alert for staged distractions
Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan stated " public awareness campaigns are an invaluable tool in our goal to reduce thefts of iPhones and other electronic devices on the MBTA. Enforcement alone will not work, we need to remind our MBTA community they can take definitive steps to guard themselves from being victimized". 

Police Chiefs around the country, including Chief MacMillan, have been working on this important issue with the FCC and cell phone carriers. Carriers are trying to make it harder for thieves to profit from stolen mobile devices. (check out story here)

In the unfortunate event you are a victim DO NOT resist, things can be replaced. Try to stay calm, hand over your device and attempt to observe the physical characteristics of the perpetrator so you can describe him/her later. Contact the Transit Police as soon as possible (immediately if practicable) after the event and report the incident. Our detectives will work diligently to get your property back and apprehend the offender. Also, if you have not done so already please passcode protect your iPhone, enable Find My iPhone and lastly download a Remote Data Wipe for iPhone. For more information or tips to protect yourself call the Intelligence Unit at 617-222-1170.

We have attached a short video produced and published by the New York City Police Department titled "Electronic Device Safety Tips". It is only 31 seconds in length but worth the watch.

Please contact the Transit Police with any information of criminal activity that has or is occurring on the MBTA. You can do so completely anonymously via SeeSay apps for iPhone and Android users or simply text 873873.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking for Love in all the wrong places

On February 19, 2013 at approximately 6pm plainclothes Transit Police officers from Area 1 were on patrol at Chinatown MBTA station. While on the northbound platform a female police officer was approached by a male, later identified as Handell Liburd, 33 of Beverly. Liburd took a seat on the bench next to the undercover officer and initiated a conversation with her. Liburd eventually directed the conversation to the topic of making money and inquired if the UC police officer was interested in earning some money.  Liburd then bluntly offered the female UC officer 40.00 dollars to perform a sexual act on him. Officers present approached Liburd identified themselves as Transit Police officers and placed him into custody for Solicitation of Sexual Conduct for a Fee. Liburd was transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process and is expected to arraigned in Boston Municipal Court sometime today.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helpful tips

Earlier today we informed our readers of an arrest for Open&Gross conduct which took place on an MBTA Commuter Rail train at North Station.  tpdnews informs our readers of such arrests hoping to draw awareness to what we believe is an under reported crime.  Additionally, we hope it encourages others who have had similiar experiences to contact and report the incident to Transit Police. Our detectives will work tirelessly to identify and hold the offender responsible for their criminal conduct. In the unfortunate event you find yourself confronted by someone who is behaving or touching you inappropriately on the MBTA, here are some helpful tips; Bring attention to the person, tell others around you, move away if possible, take a picture if safe to do so and report the incident to Transit Police as soon as practicable.  You can contact us 24 hours a day by calling 617-222-1212 or our MBTA SeeSay app. We also have attached an informational handout from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.   

Boston Man arrested for Open & Gross

On February 11, 2013 at approximately 6:20 p.m. Transit Police officers from Area 2 were on patrol at North Station MBTA Commuter Rail when they were approached by a MBCR employee who informed the officers a man was masturbating on an incoming Lowell train. The officers were further informed the train was due to arrive in approximately 5 minutes. The officers proceeded to the platform and waited for the train's arrival. As the Lowell train came to a stop and passengers were disembarking the officers noticed a male, later identified as Mehmet Beyaztas, 24 of Boston, running down the platform and away from the train. The officers were immediately notified by train personnel Beyaztas was the man who was involved in the incident on board the train. Officers were able to stop Beyaztas to conduct an investigation as to what transpired.

As the officers were speaking with Beyaztas a female passenger who was on the same train car as him approached the officers and identified herself as the person who requested police assistance. The female reporting party provided the following information to officers; while traveling on a inbound Lowell train her attention was drawn to Beyaztas who was seated across the aisle from her. Beyaztas was masturbating and looking in her direction. Beyaztas made no attempt to conceal and/or be covert in his actions and his penis was fully exposed. The reporting party moved away from Beyaztas and reported the incident to train personnel.

Officers placed Beyaztas into custody for Open & Gross conduct and transported him to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process. Beyaztas is expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court sometime today.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you recognize these people ?

Transit Police detectives are seeking the identity of the male subjects depicted within. If you know who they are or have information regarding their whereabouts please call the Criminal Investigation Unit at 617-222-1050. Those wishing to help but who seek to remain anonymous can do so via our MBTA SeeSay app or by simply texting us at 873873.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at approximately 2:30 PM, a female, after losing her ATM card, reported that it was fraudulently used at the Shawmut and JFK/UMass MBTA Stations. The two male subjects depicted above were captured on video purchasing Link passes with the victim’s ATM card.


The subjects are described as follows:

1.    Black male, late 20’s-early 30’s, with a goatee, wearing navy blue sweatpants, a grey hooded winter coat, a baby blue knit cap, and blue sneakers.

2.    Black male, 20’s, wearing a blue baseball cap with green visor with the word “VICTORY” across the back, a navy blue puffy coat, grey hood, black running pants with 3 white stripes down the sides, with Adidas shell toe sneakers.

Transit Police
Transit Police
Transit Police


Man attempts to sell stolen bike to TPD Detectives

On January 28th, 2013 at approximately 8:45 a.m.a victim secured her Specialized Hybrid Globe 1 bicycle to the bicycle rack located on the College Avenue side of the Davis Sq. MBTA station in Somerville. Upon her return at approximately 6 p.m. that same evening the bicycle was missing. The victim reported the theft to Transit Police and the case was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit. On February 7, 2013 the victim contacted the Transit Police detective with whom she had been working with and reported seeing her bicycle for sale on Craigslist. Detectives confirmed the existence of the posting in Craigslist and conducted an undercover sting to determine the origins of the bike advertised for sale. Detectives communicated with the poster of the Craigslist advertisement via telephone and email where he again offered a woman's Specialized Hybrid Globe 1 bicycle for sale.

On February 8, 2013 (YES, same day as Blizzard 2013) the poster of the advertisement, Phillip Pinto 38 of Somerville set up a meeting with whom he believed was an interested customer. In fact the interested customer Pinto had arranged the meeting with were Transit Police detectives. At approximately noon time as the Blizzard of 2013 was beginning in earnest Pinto was waiting, bicycle in hand, at the pre-arranged meeting location. (Temple Street, Somerville). Detectives confirmed the serial numbers of the woman's Globe 1 bike Pinto was offering for sale to that of the victim's stolen bicycle. Detectives confiscated the bicycle and placed Pinto into custody for Receiving Stolen Property. Pinto was transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process. Pinto is expected to be arraigned sometime today in Somerville District Court.
Transit Police/Phillip Pinto

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Operation Fare Game results in multiple arrests

On the evening February 6, 2013 Transit Police officers from Area 2 were conducting "Operation Fare Game" at Central Sq. MBTA station. During the course of the operation the following individuals were taken into custody after they entered through the fare gates without paying their fare and subsequently discovered to have warrants in existence for their arrest;

Daniel Nelligan 24 of Whitman, warrant issued from Boston Municipal Court for Larceny.

Devin Miller 20 of Boston, warrant issued from Boston Municipal Court for Larceny from the person.

Joshua Russell 24 of Plymouth, warrant issued from Hingham District Court for Selling Liquor to Persons Under 21

The above listed were transported to Transit Police HQ for the booking process and also received a 50.00 dollar citation for fare evasion.

Later that evening (02/06/2013) at approximately 11 p.m. plainclothes Transit Police detectives/officers were at South Station MBTA Bus Terminal on a narcotics investigation. While there they did encounter a female, later identified as Holly Bates 24 of Leicester, who was a Fugitive from Justice. Bates had an active warrant in existence for her arrest issued out of the state of Vermont (Windsor Superior Court-Criminal Division) with extradition approved by the Windsor County States Attorney. Bates was placed into custody and transported to Transit Police HQ for the booking process. Bates will appear in Boston Municipal Court sometime today for the charge of being a Fugitive of Justice and is expected to be extradited to Vermont.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nice try.

On February 5, 2013 at approximately 4:45 p.m. a male, later identified as Willie Gill 49 of Springfield, entered the Back Bay MBTA station wearing a high visibilty MBTA employee vest. Willie Gill however is not an MBTA employee. Gill proceeded to "piggyback" in behind a paying customer without paying his fare. This caught the attention of Transit Police officers from Area 1 who were on patrol. Officers approached Gill to confirm his status as a T employee. Gill insisted he was a T employee and kept his ruse going for several minutes.  Based on the information Gill supplied of being a MBTA employee officers were skeptical.  Eventually officers discovered Gill was not in fact an employee. Gill also furnished several different names to the officers in an attempt to mask his true identity. The officers were deligent and ultimately ascertained Gill's true name which revealed an outstanding warrant in existence for his arrest. The warrant issued from Barnstable District Court, coincidently enough, was for providing a false name to police. Gill was taken into custody for the warrant, issued a citation for fare evasion and transported to TPD HQ for the booking process. The video tells it all.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Recognize me ?

Transit Police detectives are seeking the identity of the individual depicted within. If you know this person or the whereabouts of this individual please contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at 617-222-1050. If you have information you would like to pass onto our investigators but wish to remain anonymous you can do so by using our SeeSay app or by simply texting us at 873873.
On Wednesday,  January 30, 2013, at approximately 5:40 PM, on a Green Line trolley heading from Arlington Station to Northeastern University, a female was inappropriately touched by the individual depicted above. 

The subject is described as follows:
·         an Asian male approximately 30 years of age, 5’ 05” in height, 160 lbs., wearing a hat, black jacket and black shirt
Transit Police/ Recognize me ?


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Man wanted for Indecent Assault & Battery arrested

On February 2, 2013 at approximately 3 :11 p.m. Transit Police officers from Area 1 received a radio call to respond to Park Street MBTA station to meet with a male who believed another passenger had possibly stolen his cell phone. Upon arrival officers were met by the reporting party who stated as he was traveling on a Green Line westbound train another passenger, later identified as Dane Mullin 26 of Boston, chose to sit in between the reporting party and another female passenger despite the fact there were several other available seats. Prior to this Mullin oddly walked back and forth through the train car before taking a seat. As the train was approaching Park Street the reporting party got up from his seat and began making his way to the doors. He suddenly realized his cell phone was missing from his jacket pocket. He suspected Mullin had stolen his phone and confronted him. An MBTA employee who observed what was taking place contacted Transit Police.

Transit Police/Dane Mullin
Officers spoke with Mullin who denied any wrong doing, however they subsequently realized Mullin was wanted by the Transit Police for Indecent Assault & Battery and in fact had a warrant in existence for his arrest, relating to the Transit Police case, issued by Boston Municipal Court. Mullin was placed into custody for the warrant and was transported to Transit Police HQ for the booking process. He is expected to appear in Boston Municipal Court sometime Monday February 4, 2013. Officers did not locate the cell phone on Mullin and the reporting party was advised.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Central Sq. Fare Evader Arrested

On February 1, 2013 at approximately 9 a.m. Transit Police officers from Area 2 were conducting fare evasion enforcement at Central Sq. MBTA station. While there they observed a male, later identified as Shannon O'Malley 38 of Cambridge, enter through the fare gates without paying. O'Malley "piggybacked" in behind a paying customer. Officers approached O'Malley and subsequently discovered there was an outstanding warrant in existence for his arrest. The warrant, for Assault & Battery, was issued from Boston Municipal Court. O'Malley was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for the booking process. Additionally, O'Malley was issued a fare evasion citation.

To date Transit Police officers have issued 526 fare evasion citations system wide on the MBTA. The Transit Police will continue to enforce fare evasion as a component of our Point of Entry Policing strategy to keep the MBTA system a secure and safe environment for all to enjoy. Remember if you "See something Say something". Transit Police can be reached 24 hours a day at 617-222-1212 and/or via our SeeSay app. MBTA community members wishing provide information regarding criminal activity on the MBTA but who want to remain anonymous can do so by simply texting your message to us at 873873.


Chief MacMillan swears in Deputy Chief

Transit Police Chief MacMillan/DC Fitzsimmons
On February 1, 2013 Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan announced the promotion of Lieutenant Detective Robert Fitzsimmons to the rank of Deputy Chief. In a ceremony held at Transit Police HQ Chief MacMillan administered the Oath of Office and swore in Deputy Fitzsimmons in front of family, friends and colleagues. Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons is a 27 year veteran of the Transit Police and has served the department in numerous positions and capacities. In his most recent assignment, Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons commanded the Professional Standards Unit and ensured  TPD's compliance with rigorous Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies standards. Under Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons oversight the Transit Police is a state and nationally accredited police department. Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College and a Law Degree from New England School of Law. Additionally, Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy; NA Class 251. Effective February 2, 2013 Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons will assume command of the Administrative Services Division, a position previously held by Deputy Chief Donald O'Connor.

Chief MacMillan(left) Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons(right)
Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan commented " years ago at the Transit Police Department, unfortunately, there was little or no expectation that one could be promoted to the highest levels of the department. We have worked hard to change that process and today,once again, I'm proud to say we promote from within. Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons has the education, work ethic, dedication and commitment that is worthy of this promotion. He has a clear understanding of the mission of the Transit Police but just as important he has a clear understanding how to implement that mission, through communication, collaboration and partnerships that are the hallmark of a professional police organization ".

Congrats Deputy Chief Fitzsimmons !.