Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Woman arrested for Unarmed Robbery

On January 22nd, 2013 at approximately 8:25 a.m. a Transit Police officer from Area 3 was on patrol at JFK/UMass MBTA station when she was approached by several witnesses who stated there was a fight in progress on the Sydney Street side of JFK. The officer immediately responded in that direction and observed a female later identified as Danyelle Abrams, 35 of Dorchester,  yelling at a male. The officer intervened and sorted out the following set of circumstances: the male victim boarded an inbound Red Line train at North Quincy MBTA station. While traveling on the train the victim was listening to music via his Apple iPhone 4S. When the train stopped at JFK-UMass and the doors opened Abrams suddenly shoved the victim causing him to stumble and drop his phone. Abrams retrieved the phone and fled out of the station. The victim pursued Abrams and caught up to her where a physical struggled ensued for possession of the phone.  Upon noticing the witnesses present and knowing the police where en route Abrams reached into her pocket and returned the phone to the victim.

Abrams was placed into custody for Unarmed Robbery and was transported to Transit Police HQ for the booking process. Abrams was expected to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court on January 23rd, 2013.