Monday, January 14, 2013

Man arrested for stealing iPhone

On January 14th, 2013 at approximately 12:20 p.m. Transit Police officers from Area 1 received a radio call to respond to Tufts Medical Center MBTA station for a report of a robbery in progress. Upon arrival officers were flagged down by security guards of Tufts Medical Center Hospital located across the street from the station. Officers were also met by a male victim who furnished the following sequence of events: while riding on an inbound Orange Line train the victim was playing a video game on his Apple iPhone 4. As the train came to a stop at Tufts Medical Center station and the doors opened a male, later identified as Isiah Cooper, 25 of Jamaica Plain,MA. forcefully grabbed the phone from the victim's hands and fled out of the open train doors. The victim gave chase, following Cooper out onto Washington Street. The victim was yelling for passersby to stop Cooper. Several security guards from Tufts Medical Center happened to be posted in front of the hospital and were able to stop and detain Cooper til arrival of Transit Police.  Transit Police placed Cooper under arrest for Unarmed Robbery and transported him to Transit Police HQ for the booking process. Officers did recover the Victim's iPhone from Cooper. Cooper is expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court sometime Tuesday 1/15/2013 for Unarmed Robbery.



  1. It's very sad that these people had to resort to this kind of crime. But thinking about it, I'd rather have my iPhone broken than to be stolen for me. At least I know I can always have them repaired.

    -Bethany Morrison

  2. Shallow as it sound, I wouldn't want to be parted with my iPhone. It's very essential for me since I use it for communication and entertainment (oh you gotta love those applications). -Gwyn


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