Friday, October 4, 2013

Cambridge man arrested for two Bicycle larcenies.

Jonathan Banker
On September 4, 2013 we posted photographs of an individual who was a person of interest for bicycle larcenies (see posting here) that occurred at  Davis Sq. MBTA station. Subsequent to an investigation Transit Police detectives arrested Jonathan Banker, 27 of Cambridge for two counts of Larceny. It is expected Banker will be arraigned in Somerville District Court sometime on Monday October 7, 2013.

media inquiries should be directed to


The events listed above are allegations; All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


  1. I have been assaulted by "upstanding citizens" twice, both times because individuals in the groups that attacked me claimed to have seen my photo—this photo, which was taken by transit police at the time of my booking—in the Metro Free Newspaper circulated on the T. That means that a TPD officer deliberately gave my image to the news, resulting in my injury. They nocked out one of my front teeth, and they nearly gouged out my eye, attacking me with keys and a metal rod.
    My nose has been broken, and I have permanent marks on my face from the two attacks. It is my opinion that the Transit Police Department is responsible for my having been attacked and beaten. The cost of my dental care, to repair my jaw, will be more money than the value of both of the bikes I'm accused of taking. So they can forget about restitution for the person who actually lost their bike. — Jonathan Banker of Cambridge, MA.

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