Monday, January 26, 2015

Shooting investigation Forest Hills MBTA

Transit Police have arrested 2 males, both 18 years of age from Boston, relative to the below referenced incident.

On January 26, 2015 at approximately 2pm Transit Police officers on patrol at Forest Hills MBTA station heard what appeared to be multiple gunshots coming from the entrance/exit doors leading the the 39th bus berth. Officers immediately responded to the area to investigate. Transit Police detectives on scene report the following preliminary information. : a male subject armed with a handgun exited the station doors leading to the 39th bus berth. As the male subject exited he turned around and began to fire several gunshots into the station and then fled the scene.

 Several minutes later a female, age 24, presented herself to Boston Police E-13 police station with a NON life threatening graze wound apparently sustained from a gunshot from the above referenced incident. Additionally, Boston EMS responded to Forest Hills MBTA station for a 62 year old female complaining of back pain. The 62 year old victim, not aware she sustained a gunshot wound, was transported to a local area hospital for a life threatening injury.  At this time we are confident the female victims were not the intended targets. TPD detectives are exploring the possibility the incident maybe gang related.

Transit Police detectives are actively investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and working several leads. A portion of the incident was captured on the MBTA's public safety cameras and is aiding in the investigation.

Media inquiries should be directed to LT. R.Sullivan at


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