Thursday, August 7, 2014

Graduation day extra special for Quincy Police officer.

Officer Jeffrey Bossart & Kevin Bossart
On August 6, 2014 the MBTA Transit Police Academy graduated the 33rd MPOC (Municipal Police Officers Class). Several agencies were represented to include Braintree, Sharon, Norwood, Transit, Winthrop, Rochester and Walpole. However for one graduate, Jeffrey Bossart of Quincy Police, yesterday's graduation ceremony was especially meaningful. On January 27, 2014 ( then recruit) Jeff Bossart was on his way to the MBTA Transit Police Academy to attend orientation in preparation for his Academy start date of February 3rd, 2014. Also on that date Jeff's brother Kevin, 24, while on his way to work went into cardiac arrest, passed out, and tumbled down a flight of stairs at the MBTA’s Wollaston Station.

Officer Jeffrey Bossart & Kevin Bossart
After seeing the fall, Karen Kane, an MBTA customer service agent, ran to Kevin Bossart’s aid. She saw he had head injuries and was unconscious.  Kane called out for help to Tomas Gonzales, an MBTA CPR training instructor, who was also in the station that day. Gonzales immediately started administering CPR. Shortly thereafter Quincy Firefighters arrived on scene and took over Kevin's care. Kevin was rushed to Quincy Medical Center and later transferred to Brigham & Women's Hospital were he remained in critical condition for some time.

Fortunately, Kevin survived his ordeal and on August 6th, 2014 he proudly "pinned" his brother, Officer Jeffrey Bossart, in front of family, friends and well wishers at historic Faneuil Hall. Trish and Bob Bossart credit MBTA employees Tomas Gonzales and Karen Kane with saving their son's life. Kane and Gonzales received well deserved accolades for their heroic actions.

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Karen Kane, Trish Bossart, Tomas Gonzales, Bob Bossart


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  2. Wooww 33rd Municipal Police Officers Class. That is awesome, I am looking forward to my graduation too from UK university next year after submitting my uk dissertation.

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