Tuesday, July 1, 2014

See something Say something works again !!!!!

really ?????
On July 1, 2014 a member of our MBTA community who follows our "See something Say Something" campaign did just that. While on the Ashmont platform at Harvard sq. MBTA station a 50 year old male from Cambridge decided to relieve himself utilizing a cup. Upon completion the male then dumped the contents into the pit. It appears....... he believed by shifting his body it somehow was acceptable to urinate into a cup while on the platform. The male then returned to his musical instruments that were set up on the platform and began to play music hoping patrons would drop money into his bucket.  However the male under estimated the power of our MBTA community and the "See something Say something" philosophy.

Transit Police responded and ejected the male. It was also determined the male was not properly permitted to perform within the MBTA system. The male will have a future date in court.

See something Say something;


Anonymous Text a Tip to 873873

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to the tipster who saw something and said something we say Thank you !