Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Leave the fireworks to the Professionals

Leave the fireworks to the professionals !

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 148, Section 39 essentially states; it is illegal for a private citizen to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts or to purchase them legally elsewhere and then transport them into the Commonwealth. Fireworks are defined as any article designed to produce a visible or audible effect.

Will my fireworks be confiscated by police ?
YES ! The statue states an officer shall  seize any fireworks.

Will I be arrested for mere possession of fireworks ?
No, the statue only provides for a fine upon conviction.

What if I get caught selling fireworks in Massachusetts ?
The statue states an officer may arrest without a warrant. Upon conviction you could face a fine of 100.00 to 1,000 dollars and a maximum one year imprisonment.

For the safety of all MBTA employees and passengers; Transit Police officers will strictly enforce the fireworks laws on the MBTA. So please leave the fireworks to the professionals. tpdnews.
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