Monday, May 13, 2013

Steak & Cheese, Pickles and an Assault ???

On May 11, 2013 at approximately 2pm a female, later identified as Tina Drouin 49 of Quincy, ordered a steak & cheese sub from Nathan's Famous Hot Dog's located at the MBTA Quincy Center station. While the Nathan's employee dutifully prepared her sub Drouin began to shout she was putting too much s*** on her sub and other derogatory comments regarding the preparation of the steak & cheese. It appeared the Nathan's employee could simply not please Drouin. Drouin then demanded a refund, when Drouin learned a refund would not be forthcoming she assaulted the sub maker by punching her in the facial area. As the sub maker attempted to defend herself Drouin pushed two large very heavy jars filled with pickles and pickle juice into the sub maker knocking her to the floor and shattering the jars. Drouin fled from the station, however the sub maker determined not to let Drouin escape justice gave pursuit catching up to her on Hancock Street near Quincy City Hall and holding her til Transit/Quincy Police arrived. Drouin claimed to be injured and was transported to a local area hospital for a complaint of neck pain. Drouin stated the whole incident began over "too many pickles". Transit Police will summon Drouin into Quincy District Court for Assault charges.
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