Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Announcement: Emergency Response Exercise

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MBTA Ayer Commuter Rail Evacuation Drill – Sunday, October 15th

Pan Am Railways Willow Street Yard, Ayer, MA

On Sunday, October 15th at approximately 10 AM, the MBTA will be conducting an emergency evacuation drill on a commuter rail train in the Ayer area with the assistance of numerous local, state, and private partners. While the exercise is scheduled from approximately 10am to 12pm, surrounding neighbors can expect heightened activity in the area starting as early as 8am. No MBTA service impacts or local street traffic impacts are expected.

The exercise is designed to establish a learning environment for public safety officials to exercise emergency response plans, policies, and procedures as they pertain to a mass casualty event on a commuter rail train. To ensure an effective exercise, subject matter experts and representatives from numerous agencies took part in the planning process and will take part in the exercise conduct and evaluation.

As part of the exercise scenario, a collision between a Pan Am freight train locomotive and an MBTA commuter rail train will be simulated. Numerous volunteers from the public are expected to participate in the role of passengers and injured victims. Artificial smoke may be generated to add realism.

Agencies playing in this exercise include the MBTA, MBTA Transit Police, Keolis, Pan Am Railways, Ayer Fire Department, Ayer Police Department, and several surrounding towns providing mutual aid.

Video/Photo Opportunity

Media and other observers are invited to attend; all are asked to register in advance with Joe Pesaturo, MBTA Director of Communications. On exercise day, all must check-in with Bob Northrup, MassDOT Deputy Director of Security & Emergency Management, by 9:30 AM at the tent in the Pan Am Railways Yard off Willow Road (Berkshire Blvd) in Ayer.