Friday, November 30, 2012

Graffiti Vandal Identified

Transit Police/Wright's tag
Each year graffiti and other forms of vandalism committed on MBTA property costs an estimated 1 million dollars to remove and/or fix. To fight back against these criminal and costly acts the Transit Police dedicate resources for identifying, prosecuting and in some instances obtaining court ordered restitution from individuals responsible for such behavior against the MBTA. Lieutenant Detective Nancy O'Loughlin, a 30 year veteran of the Transit Police Department, is recognized throughout the United States as an expert in conducting graffiti investigations and for her ability to interpret the "tagging" signs left behind by vandals.  LT.Det. O'Loughlin has been identifying and bringing those responsible for defacing MBTA property into the criminal justice system since 1984. She has recouped thousands of dollars in restitution for the MBTA over the years. ( read story here )

Transit Police/Wright's tag
Transit Police/Wright's tag
Most recently LT.Det. O'Loughlin has identified an individual who has been defacing not only MBTA property but properties located within Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton and Somerville for the past two years. On November 9th, 2012 investigators lead by LT.Det. O'Loughlin executed a search warrant on a residence located in Somerville. As a result, criminal charges will be sought against Spencer Wright, 21 of Somerville, MA., for multiple counts of felony Defacing Property and multiple counts felony Vandalism. Wright will have to appear in the following courts, Boston Municipal Court, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton and Somerville in the near future.

Superintendent -in-Chief Joseph O'Connor commended the work of LT. O'Loughlin, " the identification and subsequent charges in this case are another example of the great police work that she has done over the last 30 years to identify individuals who vandalize property throughout the Commonwealth and the nation ". 

LT. Det. O'Loughlin recently announced that she would be retiring. LT.Det. O'Loughlin began her career in 1983 and held various positions within the department. LT Det. O'Loughlin is highly respected in the law enforcement community for her unique ability to identify and successfully assist in the prosecution of graffiti vandals throughout the world. LT.Det O'Loughlin received numerous commendations throughout her career. In 2000 LT.Det. O'Loughlin saved the life of a victim who had been stabbed at the Downtown Crossing MBTA station.  For her heroic actions she was presented with the Medal of Valor by Governor Paul Cellucci at the annual Trooper George L. Hanna  Memorial Awards Ceremony. 

We wish LT.Det. O'Loughlin a long, happy and healthy retirement ! Congratulations Nancy !