Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Man arrested for Indecently Assaulting woman

Transit Police/Gerard Bottari
On September 13th, 2012 a female passenger was indecently assaulted while traveling on a Orange Line train between State Street station and Malden Center station. Upon arrival at Malden Center station the victim immediately sought out assistance to report the crime.   A subsequent investigation led Transit Police Detectives to arrest Gerard Bottari, 61 of Malden, MA. at Transit Police HQ for Indecent Assault and Battery.

 Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan stated " first, I would like to commend the victim in this case for having the courage to come forward, report the incident and work with our detectives throughout the investigation to hold this person responsible for their actions. The Transit Police Department takes these reports very seriously and we will work tirelessly to identify, arrest and prosecute those who commit such acts. "

Bottari will appear in Malden District Court sometime today to face the charge of Indecent Assault and Battery.