Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Didn't know when to Quit

On September 10th, 2012 at approximately 10:00pm Transit Police officers assigned to Area 4 were dispatched to Ruggles MBTA station for a report of a male party being disruptive onboard a bus. When the officers arrived they observed Demetrin Dabney, 24 of Dorchester standing in the doorway of the bus and yelling at transportation officials. Officers intervened and were informed Dabney was asked to leave the bus due to his drinking from an open container of alcohol and was refusing to do so. Officers removed Dabney from the bus and educated him on the MBTA's policy regarding alcohol consumption while on the T. Dabney did not take the officers lesson well as he angrily shouted at them, causing other patrons present to move away. Officers received his verbal abuse in stride and informed Dabney he was being ejected from Ruggles station and issued him a Trespass notice not to return for the evening.

Transit Police/Demetrin Dabney
Dabney walked approximately 50 feet out of the station then stopped, turned around and began returning back towards Ruggles station. When Dabney reached the front of the busway he picked up a rock and threw it at the officers, thankfully not striking them. Officers began to make their way towards Dabney when he threw yet another rock at them, thankfully not hitting them. Dabney then fled and was out of view of the officers. Approximately 5 minutes later Dabney again returned into Ruggles station, officers spotted him and placed him into custody for Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon and Trespassing. During this time a witness came forward to police and informed them earlier Dabney punched the glass door on an MBTA bus parked in the lower busway causing it to break. Dabney was transported to Transit Police HQ were he was processed for Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon, Trespassing and Malicious Destruction of property. Dabney was arraigned in Roxbury District Court the following day.