Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Entitled to a free ride.

Nicholas Mendes
On November 25, 2019 at approximately 3:40PM Transit Police MOP officers received a radio call to respond to Massachusetts Ave and Allstate Road for a report of a male who threatened an MBTA bus operator. Upon arrival officers were met by the bus operator who relayed the following information: A male, later identified as Nicholas Mendes, 29, of Boston refused to pay his fare upon entering an MBTA bus for the Route 16. Mendes allegedly stated " I run this block" and threatened to have someone shoot the operator. The operator/victim then pointed out Mendes to police.

Officers asked Mendes for his version of the situation and Mendes stated to the officers the bus was late and therefore he (Mendes) was entitled to a free ride. Officers subsequently discovered Mendes had several warrants in existence for his arrest issued out of Brighton District Court for Motor Vehicle violations and Roxbury District Court for Failure to Disperse during a Riot and Resisting Arrest. Mendes was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for the arrest booking process.

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