Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Concord update from 03/07/2017

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On March 7, 2017 at approximately 4:50PM Concord Fire Department responded to a reported brush fire approximately 200 yards south of Sudbury Street crossing on the Commuter Rail tracks on the Fitchburg Line. Upon arrival firefighters observed a small fire and a suspicious "device" located on the inbound track.

Transit Police Explosive Detection Unit responded to the scene and rendered the device safe. We are describing the devices as "incendiary". They were made up of a plastic bottle that contained 2 liquid chemicals that can be purchased over the counter. When the chemicals interact with one another, over a period of time, they heat up and cause a flash fire.

Detectives from the Transit and Concord Police investigated the incident jointly. Our collaborative partnership lead to the expeditious identification of two male juveniles ages 14 and 15. Both juveniles are residents of Concord. The juveniles will be summoned into court for Possession of Incendiary Devices and Interfering with Public Transportation. Other minor aspects of the investigation is ongoing. 

Based on what we know at no time was the safety of our passengers, residents of Concord or the buildings/residences in harms way.

We would like to thank the Concord Fire Department for their quick professional response and our colleagues from the Concord Police Department whose assistance was invaluable.

No further updates.

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