Monday, September 26, 2016

Dorchester man threatens police officers with his pit bull

Johnny Sadm
On September 24, 2016 at approximately 8:40PM Transit Police officers assigned to the North District received a radio call to respond to the MBTA Wonderland station for a report of an aggressive pit bull on board an MBTA bus. Upon arrival officers were met by the bus operator who informed the officers he as well as other passengers felt unsafe due to the pit bull's aggressive behavior. Officers approached the owner of the dog, later identified as Johnny Sadm, 19, of Dorchester, and explained to him the dog's behavior was making his fellow passengers feel unsafe. Officers also informed Sadm he would have to exit the bus and they would assist him with alternate means of transportation.

Sadm, using course and foul language, responded by informing the officers he was not getting off the bus and the officers would have to drag him and his dog off. Due to Sadm's threats and demeanor officers were forced to place the other passengers onto another bus. At this time Sadm exited the bus and walked into the bus way but rather then continuing on his way Sadm felt the need to shout out insults directed at the officers creating a tumultuous environment. Sadm then held his dog in an aggressive threatening manner and asked his dog  "Do you want to eat them?" referring to the officers. Sadm was asked to vacate the station several times but refused and continued his threatening and disorderly conduct. Subsequently officers attempted to arrest Sadm however he violently resisted and attempted to swing his pit bull at the officers. Eventually Sadm was subdued and placed into custody and transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process. Sadm was found to be in possession of what officers believed to be cocaine. He will be arraigned sometime today for Assault, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The dog was released to a female companion.

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the events listed above are allegations; All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt