Friday, May 15, 2015

Statement from Sgt. Richard "Dic" Donohue.

Please see below for a statement from Sergeant Richard "Dic" Donohue relative to today's sentencing decision.  At this time we request the media to respect Sgt. Donohue's and his family's privacy and allow him time to process the day's events. We thank you for coming out to his promotion ceremony today and reporting on his herculean efforts to get back on "The Job".  We are very proud of Sgt. Donohue and wish him great success in his new role as a supervisor. Transit Police.

"Just over two years after the events that impacted us as a community and a nation, we can finally close this chapter in our lives.  The verdict, undoubtedly a difficult decision for the jury, gives me relief and closure as well as the ability to keep moving forward ". Sergeant Donohue
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