Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GPS leads driver onto MBTA Tracks

Transit Police
Transit Police
On June 18, 2013 at approximately 9pm Transit Police officers assigned to Area 2 received a radio call to respond to the Brighton Street railroad crossing in Belmont for a vehicle on the tracks that was struck by an MBTA Commuter Rail train. Upon arrival officers located a vehicle on the tracks with substantial damage. Belmont Police, Fire and EMS also responded. Transit Police officers on scene reported the following information; a Belmont resident was traveling southbound on Brighton Street utilizing the services of a GPS. Just prior to Hittenger Street the GPS indicated for the driver to take a right hand turn which she did. Unfortunately the right hand turn positioned her vehicle onto the railroad tracks, after attempts to drive off the tracks were unsuccessful the driver of the vehicle along with two minor children exited and moved away from the track area to a safe location. Shortly thereafter a MBTA Fitchburg bound commuter rail train struck the vehicle.

The driver along with the two minor children were NOT injured and the driver was not cited. There was approximately 70 passengers on board and the MBTA immediately dispatched buses to pick them up and continue along the route. Waltham Auto and Tow removed the vehicle from the tracks.
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