Monday, March 11, 2013

MBTA operator assaulted.

On March 9, 2013 at approximately 1:20 am Transit Police officers responded to Columbia Road and Geneva Avenue for a report of a MBTA Bus Operator driving a Route 16 bus being assaulted by multiple teen aged attackers.  Upon arrival officers located the bus operator, a 52 year old male, being treated by Boston EMT's . The bus operator informed officers after he came to a stop to drop off and pick up a passenger he was unable to continue due to several teen aged males standing in front of his bus preventing him from pulling out. Suddenly and without provocation the suspects set upon the operator punching him in the head, neck and facial area. At one point during the assault they attempted to pull the operator through the window. The suspects fled the area in various directions. The operator suffered multiple abrasions about his face.

MBTA Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan stated " this is an extremely unfortunate incident. The safety of MBTA employees is our highest priority and we will devote all necessary resources to identifying those responsible for this senseless attack. MBTA employees provide an invaluable public service and should be free from fear of such incidents as this. We encourage anyone who may have information to the identity or whereabouts of those responsible to please contact us."

If you have any information to offer our investigators regarding the identity or whereabouts of the suspects responsible you can contact our Criminal Investigations Unit at 617-222-1050. If you would like to help but seek to remain anonymous you can simply text your message to us via 873873 or use our MBTA SeeSay app..

Media inquires please send to