Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helpful tips

Earlier today we informed our readers of an arrest for Open&Gross conduct which took place on an MBTA Commuter Rail train at North Station.  tpdnews informs our readers of such arrests hoping to draw awareness to what we believe is an under reported crime.  Additionally, we hope it encourages others who have had similiar experiences to contact and report the incident to Transit Police. Our detectives will work tirelessly to identify and hold the offender responsible for their criminal conduct. In the unfortunate event you find yourself confronted by someone who is behaving or touching you inappropriately on the MBTA, here are some helpful tips; Bring attention to the person, tell others around you, move away if possible, take a picture if safe to do so and report the incident to Transit Police as soon as practicable.  You can contact us 24 hours a day by calling 617-222-1212 or our MBTA SeeSay app. We also have attached an informational handout from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.