Sunday, February 3, 2013

Man wanted for Indecent Assault & Battery arrested

On February 2, 2013 at approximately 3 :11 p.m. Transit Police officers from Area 1 received a radio call to respond to Park Street MBTA station to meet with a male who believed another passenger had possibly stolen his cell phone. Upon arrival officers were met by the reporting party who stated as he was traveling on a Green Line westbound train another passenger, later identified as Dane Mullin 26 of Boston, chose to sit in between the reporting party and another female passenger despite the fact there were several other available seats. Prior to this Mullin oddly walked back and forth through the train car before taking a seat. As the train was approaching Park Street the reporting party got up from his seat and began making his way to the doors. He suddenly realized his cell phone was missing from his jacket pocket. He suspected Mullin had stolen his phone and confronted him. An MBTA employee who observed what was taking place contacted Transit Police.

Transit Police/Dane Mullin
Officers spoke with Mullin who denied any wrong doing, however they subsequently realized Mullin was wanted by the Transit Police for Indecent Assault & Battery and in fact had a warrant in existence for his arrest, relating to the Transit Police case, issued by Boston Municipal Court. Mullin was placed into custody for the warrant and was transported to Transit Police HQ for the booking process. He is expected to appear in Boston Municipal Court sometime Monday February 4, 2013. Officers did not locate the cell phone on Mullin and the reporting party was advised.