Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fare evader arrested for possessing Dangerous Weapon

On February 26, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am plainclothes Transit Police officers assigned to Area 2 were conducting fave evasion enforcement at Central Sq. MBTA station. While there their attention was drawn to a male, later identified as Ahmed Abdisalan, 24 of Boston, who proceeded through the fare gates without paying his fare. Abdisalan then immediately boarded a waiting train that had its doors open. Officers boarded the train and asked Abdisalan to exit so they could issue him a fare evasion citation. Once off the train Abdisalan was asked to produce identification, it was at this time Abdisalan became uncooperative and placed his right hand into his pants pocket. Officers requested Abdisalan remove his hand from his pocket and furnish his identification. Abdisalan refused, officers fearing Abdisalan may be armed with a weapon restrained his arms and attempted to remove his hand from his pocket. Abdisalan violently resisted their efforts, ultimately officers were able to gain control of Abdisalan and remove his hand from his pocket. Inside that same pocket officers discovered two double edged knives. Possessing a double edged knife is a criminal violation under Massachusetts general law Chapter 269 Section 10. Abdisalan was placed into custody for possessing a dangerous weapon and issued a citation for fare evasion. He was transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process and is expected to be arraigned today in Cambridge District Court.