Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Officer Donohue statement regarding Rolling Stone cover

MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard "Dic" Donohue and his family have received several requests from the media relative to his thoughts and feelings regarding the upcoming cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Below is a statement from Officer Donohue.
MBTA Transit Officer Donohue
"The City of Boston and the surrounding communities have faced many challenges since the bombings at the marathon finish line.  The new cover of Rolling Stone has garnered much attention due to its sensationalized depiction of one of the alleged bombers.  My family and I were personally affected by these individuals’ actions.  I cannot and do not condone the cover of the magazine, which is thoughtless at best.  However, I appreciate our country’s protection of free speech afforded to us by the Constitution.  I am confident that our Boston Strong community will remain intrepid and unshaken by the cover of this magazine."

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