Monday, December 31, 2012

First Night Celebration-Boston 2013

First Night 2013 Message from Transit Police Chief Paul MacMillan :

First Night in Boston is the oldest and largest New Year’s Eve celebration of the arts in North America and it takes place again tonight December 31, 2012. This is the 37th year of the First Night Celebration.(check here for official First Night schedule)

 First Night Celebration is also a family oriented atmosphere for all to enjoy.  It is anticipated that approximately one million people will attend. To that end, it is requested that you utlize the MBTA in traveling to and from Boston's First Night Celebration. From 8PM until the end of service, the MBTA will not be collecting fares. The MBTA will have additional resources on hand and Transit Police Officers (both uniformed and plainclothes) will be on duty throughout the MBTA system to ensure a safe and efficient travel. I ask that you act responsibly and be respectful to one another. Additionally, please be mindful of young children, the elderly and persons with disabilities while riding the MBTA. The consumption and/or transportation of alcohol and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

 From everyone at the MBTA Transit Police Department, Happy New Year. Remember, while riding the T if you "See Something Say Something." To contact the Transit Police in an emergency call 617-222-1212 or 911. You can also use our MBTA SeeSay app or text us at 873873 to report unusual or suspicious behavior or provide information anonymously to our investigators about criminal activity.