Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Man Threatens to stab victims with Hypo-needle

Transit Police/Jose Soler
On August 28, 2012 at approximately 1:25pm Officers assigned to Area 4 were patrolling the Forest Hills MBTA station when they were approached by two male victims. The victims informed the officers they met a man, later identified as Jose Soler 47, from Hyde Park, MA., at Forest Hills station. The victims, both under 21 years of age, offered Soler money to purchase alcohol for them. Soler agreed and took 25 dollars from the victims, with the understanding he would purchase 20 dollars worth of alcohol and keep a 5 dollar fee for doing so. Soler entered the Forest Hills Liquor Market across the street from the station and returned empty handed. The victims demanded their money back, Soler refused and returned only 3 dollars. An argument ensued where upon Soler retreived a hypodermic needle from his shorts, removed the cap and stuck the needle into his arm withdrawing blood. Soler then threatened the victims by brandishing the needle in their direction and indicated he was infected with the AIDS virus. Officers located Soler inside the station and placed him into custody for Assault with a Dangerous weapon and transported him to TPD HQ for processing. Soler will be arraigned sometime today in West Roxbury District Court.