Monday, August 27, 2012

Fare Evasion stop leads to Arrest for Failure to Register

On August 19th, 2012 at approximately 1130am Transit Police officers assigned to Area 3 were conducting fare evasion enforcement at Andrew Sq. MBTA station. While there they stopped James Hagan 27, of Randolph, MA. for fare evasion. Hagan walked in behind a paying customer "piggbacked". While officers were issuing a citation for fare evasion a further inquiry revealed Hagan had several warrants in existence for his arrest. Hagan's warrants were for Attempt to Commit a Crime issued from Chelsea District Court, Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Using a Motor Vehicle Wihtout Authority and Leaving the Scene of Property Damage issued from Quincy District Court. Additionally, it was discovered Hagan was an Unregistered Sex Offender in violation of Massachusetts General Law. Hagan was placed into custody and transported to TPD HQ for processing. Hagan was also issued a fifty dollar citation for fare evasion. tpdnews
Transit Police/James Hagan