Tuesday, April 12, 2022

MBTA Security posture. 04/12/2022

As the MBTA closely monitors the events in New York, Transit Police officials are engaged with federal, state and local law enforcement partners to share and obtain any intelligence available. 

At this time, there is no evidence, credible or otherwise, to suggest the MBTA system is a potential target. 

 The Transit Police employ a multi layered approach to safeguarding the MBTA system.  To reassure our riders, the Transit Police Department has increased the number of uniformed officers on the system and deployed additional Explosive Detection K9 teams to perform protective sweeps. There are also actions police will employ that will not be visible to the riding public. 

 The safety and security of customers and employees is the MBTA's top priority.  If riders using the T see anything out of the ordinary, they are urged to contact Transit Police or MBTA personnel immediately. 


Remember: If you See Something, Say Something.  


media inquires should be directed to Superintendent Richard Sullivan at rsullivan@mbta.com