Friday, March 7, 2014

Community Alert ******* Quincy

On March 6, 2014 at the Quincy Adams MBTA parking garage Transit Police received reports of two separate incidents, they are as follows;

Community Alert
1)  at approximately 7:50 pm a female reported as she was walking on the second level of the Quincy Adams parking garage enroute to her vehicle she noticed a male staring at her and following her. The reporting party sought out other patrons also returning to their vehicles to walk with. When the male noticed this he crouched down between parked vehicles and began to crawl from one vehicle to the next. Upon reaching and entering her vehicle the male suddenly appeared at the passenger side door and was attempting to open the door. The male shouted for her to open her door. The reporting party was able to drive away and the male was unable to gain entry. He was described as follows; Black male, approx. late 20's, thin build,  5"10 tall, wearing a red colored shirt, blue jeans. His hair appeared to be long and possibly in a ponytail. 

2) at approximately 7:55 pm a female reported as she was walking to her vehicle, which was parked on the fourth level, she noticed a male hiding behind a wall. The reporting party walked past the male and she observed he got out from behind the wall and was following her. The reporting party was able to make it to her car and vacate the garage without further incident. She described the male as; light complected Black or Hispanic male, approx. 6"0 tall with a light colored knit cap.

The above described incidents are actively under investigation by Transit Police detectives. If you have any information relative to these events please contact our Criminal Investigations Unit at 617-222-1050.  Transit Police have increased uniformed police presence in and around the parking facility. If you see anything suspicious and/or out of the ordinary please contact our emergency line at 617-222-1212. You can also utilize our SeeSay app for both Apple and Android.

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