Wednesday, February 26, 2014

City Heroes comes to MBTA Training Facility

The City Heroes Program concluded this week at the MBTA Emergency Training Center (Broadway Station)                                                                             

City Heroes at MBTA training Facility
   In conjunction with the MBTA Training Department, Transit Police officers  provided a tour of the facility,   After an orientation, the participants  split into three groups which involved  30 minute rotations at separate training stations.  Station #1 will was run by a certified firearms instructor, who  demonstrated how an interactive video system (MILO) is used to train both recruits and veteran officers.  Station #2 was run by MBTA subway instructors, who  demonstrated how a Blue Line train is used for mock drills and emergency preparedness.  Station #3 was run by Officers Ostine, Antoine and Abany.  It  involved a Police Scenario training that is used with recruit officers.  In this station, the participants  played the role of the police officer!
The MBTA and the Transit Police Department is honored to participate in this most worthy program and we are committed to participate in the future.