Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MBTA Anti Sexual Assault Campaign


  1. There was an incident on the Red Line heading to Quincy last night about 11:30 pm. Kids got on at Downtown Station and started harassing a few other kids. They were young and intoxicated, and they were yelling at each other and threatening to hurt each other. Then they all started to get along & they started goofing around, I was the only female adult on the train. After JFK, one of the kids dropped his pants and the rest is history. I got off at Wollaston, and they remained on the train. If I had known about texting the TPD, I probably would've done it. But what kind of response time would you be able to provide? There was no one at North Quincy Station, and no one at Wollaston Station.

  2. Hello, Beachum!
    The other option was to call police. Isn't that logical? Whether they would come in time is already a different question. There could be a murder, not only harassment or sexual assault.
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