Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bus Operator assaulted- Arrest made

Transit Police/Ryan O'Donnell
On April 9, 2013 at approximately 6:50am Transit Police officers from Area 2 received a radio call for an MBTA bus operator being assaulted at the MBTA Oak Grove station. Upon arrival officers located the victim/T employee, a 58 year old male, who was bleeding heavily from his nose. The victim/employee stated the following; while parked and sitting behind the wheel of a MBTA Route 131 bus at the Oak Grove station busway a male, later identified as Ryan O'Donnell, 19 years old of Wakefield boarded his bus. O'Donnell tapped his Charlie Card on the fare box which indicated insufficient funds to cover the fare. The bus operator explained this to O'Donnell who became belligerent and demanded to ride for free. The bus operator refused and after withstanding O'Donnell's verbal tirade requested he exit the bus. As O'Donnell was exiting the bus he turned and spat at the bus operator. Subsequent to that a struggle ensued where the victim/T employee was struck with a closed fist multiple times in the face causing injury and severe bleeding from his nose.

O'Donnell was placed into custody for Assault and Assault & Battery (causing injury) and transported to Transit Police HQ for the arrest booking process. O'Donnell is expected to be arraigned sometime today in Malden District Court.

Victim/T employee, a 10 year veteran employee, was transported to an area hospital by ambulance for treatment.

Media inquiries should be directed to tpdnews@mbta.com